At Essential Exercise we offer a safe and effective solution to over coming the barriers of productive exercise. Our supervised training is especially effective for people who want to get in their best physical condition in a minimum amount of time.

Our sustainable training relies on specialized equipment to deliver optimum results from one or two 25 minute sessions a week. You are taken through the entire workout by a qualified instructor, 1 on 1 every time.

Essential Exercise is not a health club or typical personal training facility. Our distraction free studio is the ideal environment for progressively challenging workouts that use our slow motion, strength training. This setting enhances our safe and efficient method of building muscle strength to improve the overall physical condition.

Expertly supervised 25-minute workouts offer clients an efficient alternative to spending hours weekly lifting weights in a gym. Our research-backed clinical strength training workouts save clients time and energy so they can enjoy living life to it’s fullest as a result.

Not Just For CEO’s or Movie Stars.

” Been going to the studio for 3 years and I’m in better shape now at 51 years old than I was when I was 21

Essential Exercise training is a practical way for you to get the exercise you need. You show up for your appointment, dial in and let your instructor be your guide and mirror. Right from the start you will be sure that you are doing what is required for a strong and healthy body.

Let us help you get started today for an active and pain free life

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