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At Essential Exercise, in our private studio, we work with you exclusively one on one to help you get in your best physical condition while leaving you time and energy to enjoy a healthy life.

25 Minutes Once or Twice a Week

As a result of our proven workouts you effectively stimulate increases in your muscle strength and endurance, fat burning capabilities, cardiovascular efficiency, bone density, and insulin sensitivity. Every aspect of each workout is intended to stimulate your physical improvement; literally not one second of your time is wasted during your 25 minute session.

Workouts are performed once or twice a week to maximize the production of physical improvements.

studio sunlightOur unique approach involves lifting weights slowly on specialized equipment, to minimize the unwanted effects of momentum. Even though the session is completed quickly, each individual exercise is performed with deliberate slowness.

This may sound easy, or like some type of gimmick but nothing could be farther from the truth, the focused slowness actually forces your muscles to work much harder.

A Proven Track Record 

The Essential Exercise methods are backed by established science and over 30 years of experience. Essential Exercise is the first and only fitness facility in the area to offer MedX Exercise Equipment “the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available”.

When it comes to your health and well-being don’t trust just anybody, rely on the experienced instruction at Essential Exercise. Say yes to Strength and feel the difference today with a FREE consultation and orientation workout!

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