Personal Training

In 25 minutes once or twice a week, you will get the exercise you need for an active and pain free life.

Essential Exercise is a medically based system of complete conditioning system so successful that its health benefits literally dwarf those of other concepts. Whether your goal is to feel better, look better, or improve sports performance Essential Exercise is your first step to success.

Every training session is done by appointment with the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Not Just for Athletes and Movie Stars

Essential exercise is a practical way for you to get the exercise you need. You show up… dial in… and let us take you through an effective workout. Discover your possibilities today with our concentrated health conditioning. Say Yes to Strength with a free consultation and workout.

“This is the only thing I’ve stuck with. Part of it is that Dennis is here, part of it is it’s so short and I can feel it working…my golf game has gotten easier
” Been going to the studio for 3 years and I’m in better shape now at 51 years old than I was when I was 21″
“I’ve noticed that I’m “strong on my skates,” which means I can move quickly and if I collide with another player, I’m the one still standing! This past Winter I went skiing for the first time in many years and I did it with ease, I was truly surprised, no muscle soreness and I skied the entire day. “
“After more than 18 months in the program, I am more than pleased with the results that the program has had on my well being. The pain level in my lower back has been reduced, I have seen a significant increase in my flexibility, and i have experienced an increase in my overall energy level. In short, I am able to do things that I could not do before I started the program.”

“Yes, at first I thought 20 minutes of exercise only once a week would probably not be enough. However, the workout is intense –
“I have seen improvement, especially in upper body strength and in upper body muscle definition (love working on those biceps)”
“I recommend the program to many people I know because I believe it is safe and effective. I also really like the non-gym feel of your place – no people running around in spandex and wife-beater shirts.”

“… I’m finding these 20 minute, once a week, workouts are about equal to and as demanding as a two hour martial arts workout.


“I’m very satisfied with the results of my exercise program. I don’t think I’ve ever been stronger than I am now (ok, maybe when I was in my 20’s & 30’s)”.



















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