20 Minutes… really ? 

Why 20 minutes ? The short answer – because it works.
‘Workout out for only 20 minutes’ can certainly sound like just another marketing ploy but the truth is that it is a recommendation for best results.

With our guidance you will lift and lower weights on a series of exercise machines, each one targeting specific muscles of the body. In less than 20 minutes you will peform exercises to produce a rapid and meaningful level of fatigue in all the major muscles of the body.

You will then move from one exercise to the next with minimum delay. This pace creates a unique demand on the cardiovascular and metabolic systems that can only be tolerated for a brief period. The average training session at Essential Exercise is completed in about 20 minutes once clients have adapted to training in a non-stop fashion.

Longer workouts with more exercises merely retard progress. Once the muscles have achieved the required threshold level of fatigue then more intense exercise on that day would be counterproductive   ¹¹.

This is not just a theory… it works !

Only once or twice a week?

Exercise is performed to stimulate changes in some parts of the body. The exercise itself does not produce the improvements; the exercise stimulates the improvements.

Our successful training exploits this process. We subject the muscles to the controlled physical stress of training which causes an immediate (but temporary) weakening of the muscles. This weakening is the stimulus for improvements to take place during the days that follow an exercise session. After the body recuperates, it overcompensates by increasing its muscular strength. As long as this cycle is repeated the body attempts to improve. 

We eliminate guess work by using a precise tracking system to compare your training sessions, this allows us to determine what works best for you. Individual tolerance to exercise does vary but we have found that allowing an interval of at least 4 days but no more than 7 days between training sessions delivers best results for most people ¹‚ ²‚³ 

How safe is this for someone who is not in good condition or those of advanced age?

If you have a pre-existing heart condition or prior medical condition you should check with a doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Workouts at Essential Exercise are performed using Medx Exercise equipment. This equipment provides a precise and uniform loading of the muscles to make each exercise very safe and efficient.

These machines have been designed to provide resistance at a low level of friction which accomodates the very slow speed of motion that we use during exercise. The combination of balanced resistance moved with a gradual speed of motion all but eliminates the chance of injury. 

What about losing weight ?

The issue really isn’t so much weight loss as it is fat loss.

When you lose body weight during calorie restrictive dieting, you lose both muscle and fat. By losing muscle you are shrinking the tissue that burns fat. This results in a flabby appearance, reduced performance and a slower metabolic rate.  

However, when our training is combined with healthy eating, muscle is retained and fat is shed more quickly. Proper strength training exerts a strong influence on the anabolic ( or building up ) process of metabolism.

Other moderate effort activities that require you to pace yourself like walking or jogging, do not stimulate an increase in strength and can actually speed up the muscle loss that is experienced when losing body weight. 

The importance of maintaining muscle while losing weight can not be over stated ! 

The cosmetic effect of our program is also important for fat loss. When muscles are properly trained the contours of the body become more shapely and firm. Your improved appearance is a powerful motivator for continued efforts at controlling food intake and ultimately your success at sustained fat loss.

I like riding my bike and hiking, won’t they help me get in shape too?

Recreational activities are an enjoyable part of life and the fun they provide is helpful in maintaining mental health. Regular activity also carries with it benefits that are important to maintaining good physical health. However, most activities are done against a random resistance, primarily the Earths’s gravitational pull. The muscle tension created by most activities does not stimulate an increase in muscle strength.

We find that as our clients improve their strength they spontaneously become more active, often engaging in activities that they have not done for quite some time.

Their improved strength helps protect them from injury that could occur as a result of engaging in recreational activities. Our advice is to first develop your strength – then you will be in better shape to take advantage of the benefits of additional activities.

Is it better to have prior workout experience ?

Those with prior experience of moving at conventional speeds during exercise quickly realize that moving with a gradual speed makes the exercise much more challenging. For learning purposes, motivation is the number one key to success; lack of exercise experience may actually make the learning process faster. 

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