One on One

Your First Session

During your first session we will discuss your current health status. We will review any injuries you may have had, recent surgeries, medications or chronic conditions that you may experience (especially joint discomfort, neck and back pain). We will then talk about some of the goals you may have for yourself.

With this information a customized training plan is developed and outlined for you by your instructor.

Your training begins with detailed instruction as you move through a series of machines that engage specific areas of the body. Special attention is given to teaching you to maintain correct breathing, head, neck and body position and much more.

The exercises may feel somewhat challenging but the purpose is to teach you to engage the muscles properly as you lift weights on each machine. During the workouts that follow the amount of weight you lift will be increased as your muscles adapt to the work load.

Full Supervision

Every second of every session done at Essential Exercise is with the guidance of an instructor. When you arrive for your training sessions the equipment will have already been set up with your personal weights and settings. You are supported with detailed instruction and feedback to ensure you get the absolute most out of your training time.

Step Out Of The Dark Ages

64 Degrees – Less Body Heat Build Up 

The Essential Exercise studio provides the ideal workout environment. Every detail is set up to allow for your strength building efficiency.

The focused workout area is cool and quiet without spectators.

The studio temperature is always at a stable 64°. The cool temperature delays the limiting effects of body heat build up; many clients train in the clothes they have on for the day as showering afterwards is not needed.

Measurable Results

Our proven method of total body conditioning is based on decades of experience and established science. We use a precise tracking system to measure your progress and make adjustments for each session.

Medical Exercise Superiority 

We are the first and only in the area to use MedX Exercise and Rehabilitation equipment. Right from the start you will notice the smooth feel of each machine. This equipment was designed so that you will encounter precisely balanced resistance over the entire range of motion at a very low level of friction. Each machine isolates and strengthens different muscles. Even the vital muscles of the neck and back are isolated and trained in a way that can not be done with any other equipment. MedX provides the only FDA approved lumbar strengthening device.


Since 1981 we have been using concentrated strength training to optimize the results clients achieve. By moving at a slow speed to raise and lower weights we minimize the unwanted effects of momentum. This may sound easy, or like some type of gimmick but nothing could be farther from the truth. The deliberate slowness requires your muscles to work much harder and the low impact forces make our training sustainable and ideal for anyone from advanced athletes to frail beginners.

When It Comes to Your Health Don’t Trust Just Anybody.

Rely on the experienced instruction at Essential Exercise, say yes to Strength and feel the difference today with a FREE consultation and orientation workout!

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