My Story

Looking forward to the next 62 years

In 1966, when I first became interested in lifting weights not much was known about it by the general public or the medical community. Even though more information is available today, it is safe to say that the fitness industry has become a market place of misinformation.

My first job in the fitness business was in 1979 at a local ‘health spa’. The spa was complete with chrome dumbbells, treadmills, and special saunas. As an instructor I was issued a white medical smock as a uniform and I was paid commission for membership sales. I quickly learned that selling memberships and products was the driving force behind the fitness business and that if I wanted the truth about exercise; I would have to look elsewhere.

At that time Nautilus Fitness Centers had begun sprouting up around the country and they offered a scientific approach; unlike health clubs Nautilus was based on the rational principles of biology and physics.

In 1980 I began to work in such a Nautilus Center in Binghamton NY which was co-owned by Dr. Vincent (Ben) Bocchicchio. It was there I was taught to instruct his system of slow movement strength training exercise. That experience became the foundation of my approach to exercise instruction, even though it ran counter to the beguiling atmosphere that was evolving in the fitness industry.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Nautilus Centers waned, and they became few and far between. The hard work and personal responsibility required by the philosophy of Nautilus gave way to the more marketable idea that more is better, ‘just do it’ and have fun. Exercise had become to mean everything from dancing to rock climbing.

Over the course of the next 20 years I worked for large chain fitness centers and personal training studios, which required relocating at times to Atlanta, Houston and Northern Virginia. I personally instructed thousands of personal exercise sessions and gave numerous group presentations concerning proper exercise. The activities promoted in typical health clubs became so opposed to my views on exercise that I became like a vegetarian working in a butcher shop, I could no longer stomach the industry.

The circus atmosphere of typical fitness centers led me to purchase my first pieces of MedX Exercise equipment and put them in a home studio. In a short time the business grew making it necessary to move into a larger studio.

I have been able to create a private, distraction free environment that aids in the concentration required to stimulate the adaptive responses of the body. Along the way I have been helped by some brilliant people in the field of exercise today and I continue to be an active student of this most proactive form of health care.

Essential Exercise continues to be a dream come true for me. I am fortunate to be able to work closely with people and watch the changes that take place in their lives as a result of the sessions we do together.

I remain convinced that instead of trying to determine how much exercise we can tolerate, it is best to find out how little exercise we actually require for best results. I look forward to working one-on-one with all who are willing to embrace a rational approach to exercise.

Dennis Rogers

Essential Exercise